• 30-30 WINCHESTER
  • 7 ROUNDS
  • 20 BARREL
  • 6.5

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The lever action Winchester Model 94 Carbines speed and natural pointing suit it for fast-moving game such as deer bear and hogs. It features a satin finish Grade I black walnut stock and forend with carbine metal strap recoil pad drilled and tapped brushed polish finish steel receiver steel sporter contour 20 barrel adjustable semi-buckhorn rear and Marble Arms brass bead front sights full-length tubular magazine and top tang safety.


Action Lever – Caliber 30-30 Win – Capacity 7 – Material Steel – Finish Brushed Polish – Stock Satin Walnut – Sights Brass Bead Semi-Buckhorn – Twist 12 – Barrel Length 20 – Overall Length 38 – Weight 6 lb 8 oz – The Winchester Model 94 is the worlds most popular lever-action and todays rifles utilize the latest manufacturing technology to bring you the most accurate models ever produced. The new Model 94 Carbine is perfect for hunting in thick brush for deer bear wild hogs and other fast-moving game. Pick your Model 94 and pick out your target. – No greater names have ever been linked together more solidly than Winchester and the Model 1894. Early on in 1862 Oliver Fisher Winchester began Winchester Repeating Arms Company and followed with a series of fine rifles like the 1866 1873 and 1876. Then John M. Browning came along with numerous other designs which became legendary Winchesters like the Single Shot 1885 Model 86 and the Model 92 among others. Then in 1893 he presented to Winchester a model that was a perfect match for the new 30-30 smokeless cartridge ushering in a new era in firearms development. – This rifle became the Model 94 Winchester. It was the ultimate iteration of Winchester levers and although coming at the end of westward expansion is often called The Gun that Won the West. – There are a number of good reasons that the Model 94 Winchester is still a solid choice for big game hunting. It is true that many hunters over the years have moved to bolt actions for longer range hunting — like out in the West for example where cross canyon shots are common. That is well and good. But even in the 21st century the most hunted big game animal in North America — the Whitetail — is in brushier nastier tighter conditions than ever. In fact the urbanization of the Whitetail is one of the most studied topics by wildlife biologist these days. If you are whitetail hunter you are likely going to be hunting in these kinds of conditions. And being able to get on target and make a good shot is something the Model 94 has been proven to do for over 110 years. – Its light weight quick pointing characteristics ease of cycling the next round overall responsiveness and choice of good calibers makes it an excellent choice for deer and even black bear. Many consider the Model 94 the ultimate rifle for training a new shooter too. There is an intrinsic level of interest generated when you put one in the hands of a young shooter. And the skills learned in loading handing operating and shooting transfer to every type of hunting. – What do I like best about the Model 94 Winchester (A little editorial from a member of the Winchester team.) – Lots of steel and wood. Its just made the old fashioned way. Lots of durable steel parts that feel solid and reliable. – Incredible design. John Moses Browning really outdid himself when he designed the Model 94. The mechanism is smooth and precise. The ergonomics are practically perfect. The action is strong and simply not prone to wearing out. – Solid lockup. The John Browning design was created to handle the newest type of ammunition in the world at the time smokeless powder loads. And it is still handling them. The Model 94 has been chambered in some of the meanest calibers ever developed for fast action in brushy conditions. – Its a lifetime gun. Some rifles come and go but a Model 94 just builds a lifetime of memories. It is one gun that your family will appreciate long after you are gone. Its a gun your great grandson will learn to shoot with. Timeless. – Todays great barrels mean the 94 is more accurate than ever. And there are more bullet choices too. And factory ammo is a lot more affordable than some other calibers making it something you can afford to shoot. – Its the opposite of my favorite MSR– but sort of the same thing too. 110 years ago my ancestors bought 94s because they were cool fast handling and had high magazine c

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Caliber 30-30 WINCHESTER
Capacity 7 ROUNDS
Weight 6.5
Frame Material NOT SPECIFIED
Slide Material NOT SPECIFIED
Barrel Length 20 BARREL
Receiver Material NOT SPECIFIED
Receiver Finish NOT SPECIFIED

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